04/11/22 EPISODE FOURTY-FIVE: THE APRIL SHOW: One week late, but also right on time.  No Benjamin Cat this week, though you do get an update on the little guy.

02/07/22 EPISODE FOURTY-FOUR: CLASH DAY: Quinn and Benjamin Cat take part in Clash Day, and then play some other stuff too.

12/6/21 EPISODE FOURTY-THREE: FLORIDA CHRISTMAS: Half an episode of Floridan tunes plus half an episode of Christmas music equals good times.  That’s the math we’re going with.

11/1/21 EPISODE FOURTY-TWO: NOVEMBER WORKOUT: Quinn and Benjamin Cat play songs to which you may increase your fitness if you so desire.

10/4/21 EPISODE FOURTY-ONE: MOVIE AND TV SONGS: Quinn plays songs he heard while couch surfing.

9/13/21 EPISODE FORTY: OOPS: Due to Labor Day shenanigans, Quinn missed last week’s episode.  To make up for it, here is a brand new episode to enjoy!  A week late but right on time!

8/2/21 EPISODE THIRTY-NINE: Y-O-D-A Yoda: Quinn plays some music on Monday August 2.

6/28/21 EPISODE THIRTY-EIGHT: GOODBYE JUNE!: Quinn and Benjamin Cat play whatever is on their minds.  Enjoy!

5/24/21 EPISODE THIRTY-SEVEN: MY NEIGHBOR HAD A PARTY: A hungover Quinn and an ornery Benjamin Cat play you the songs that their neighbor played loudly during his backyard BBQ this week.

4/19/21 EPISODE THIRTY-SIX: SOME GRUNGE BUT OTHER STUFF TOO: It’s a work day.  Quinn plays stuff he’s listening to while working.

4/12/21 EPISODE THIRTY-FIVE: ONE WHOLE YEAR!:  It maybe, might be the one year anniversary of this show.  Roughly.  Either way, we celebrate it with music!

4/5/21 EPISODE THIRTY-FOUR: YOU”RE GONNA LOVE THE MUMMIES: Quinn plays you the greatest band you’ve never heard of.  Then some other stuff.

3/8/21 EPISODE THIRTY-THREE: REAL HIPPY STUFF: Quinn play a bunch of music that dirty hippies used to dance to while they smoked their jazz cabbage.

3/1/21 EPISODE THIRTY-TWO: MOTOWN: Quinn plays his Motown songs while trying to keep focus.  He fails.

2.22.21 EPISODE THIRTY-ONE: BACK WITH BOWIE & FRIENDS: After a few weeks off, Quinn returns with the gift of music.

1.25.21 EPISODE THIRTY: A BUNCH OF CLASSICAL: Quinn makes us all a bit classier this week.

1.11.21 EPISODE TWENTY-NINE: DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN: Quinn watched the 80’s classic this weekend so now you gotta deal with it.

12.28.20 EPISODE TWENTY-EIGHT: GOOD BYE 2020: For the last episode of 2020, Brian and Benjamin Cat just play you some tunes.  Nothing fancy.

12.21.20 EPISODE TWENTY-SEVEN: A VERY R & H BEER CHRISTMAS: Quinn plays Christmas tunes in the R&H Beer Christmas Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12.7.20 EPISODE TWENTY-SIX: BOB DYLAN-ISH: Q starts out with Bob Dylan and follows his general vibe around the music spectrum.

11.30.20 EPISODE TWENTY-FIVE: THERAPY FOR BRIAN: The R&H Beer flows during this episode, greatly improving Quinn’s mood as it goes.   Also, a lot of 90’s music this week for some reason.

11.16.20  EPISODE TWENTY-FOUR: A BREAK BREAK – Quinn is back from a break that was not a break at all.

10.26.20 EPISODE TWENTY-THREE: SPOOKY – Quinn plays a spooky playlist of songs.  Plus one non-spooky Tom Petty song.

10.19.20  EPISODE TWENTY-TWO: JUST SOME SONGS – Quinn plays whatever comes to mind.

10.6.20      EPISODE TWENTY-ONE: CATOBER – To get themselves in the mood for October, Quinn and Benjamin Cat play some weird songs.  Some good ones too.

9.28.20      EPISODE TWENTY: BRIAN QUINN PLAYS WAP – Curious about the hub-bub, Quinn plays the mega-hit WAP to start the show.

9.21.20      EPISODE NINETEEN: MRS. CALABASH’S ROAD TRIP – Quinn makes a playlist for when he drives Mrs. Calabash to her sisters house.  ROAD TRIP MUSIC!!!!!

9.9.20      EPISODE EIGHTEEN: CALABASH POOL PARTY – She does not appear on the episode (BOO), but Calabash and Quinn take turns picking songs and swigging wine.

8.24.20      EPISODE SEVENTEEN: WILLIE TIMES TWO – Brian and Benjamin Cat get up with the sun to play two Willie Nelson albums back to back.

8.17.20      EPISODE SIXTEEN: ELVIS!!! – Elvis dies on August 16th, so this week is all Elvis action.  Benjamin Cat tries to derail the episode with nonsense and cuteness.

8.3.20      EPISODE FIFTEEN: 1976 – Quinn sits down with a very different feline co-DJ this week to play songs from the year he was born.

7.27.20      EPISODE FOURTEEN: RABBIT HOLE WITH A VENGANCE – Quinn bounces from song to song and discusses a surprising amount of Superman stuff in between.

7.20.20      EPISODE THIRTEEN: YOUNG Q MIX CD – Back in 2003 a young Q made a mix CD. He just found it this week. Lets give it a listen and judge.

7.6.20      EPISODE TWELVE: TOM PETTY – Quinn and Benjamin Cat (yes, he’s back) play songs from their favorite recording artist ever.

6.29.20      EPISODE ELEVEN: THE FIRST OF THE FIRSTS – Inspired by his bud Dan Cast (Impractical Jokers crew member), Quinn plays the first tracks off of select artist’s first albums!

6.22.20      EPISODE TEN: THE RABBIT HOLE – Despite playing video games until his eyes bleed, Quinn follows one song down a rabbit hole to see where it leads.

6.15.20        EPISODE NINE: COVERS – Quinn plays some of his favorite cover songs.  Benjamin Cat couldn’t be bothered this week.

6.8.20        EPISODE EIGHT: MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS – Quinn and Benjamin Cat play songs from movie soundtracks that they love.  Benjamin Cat has a lot of opinions about them.

6.01.20      EPISODE SEVEN: JUST A BUNCH OF SONGS – Quinn and Benjamin Cat play two hours of songs with no break between.

5.25.20      EPISODE SIX: STATEN ISLAND – Songs with music videos shot on Staten Island, or have some connection to Staten Island.  Quinn and Benjamin Cat recorded it on Staten Island.  All Staten Island action.

5.18.20       EPISODE FIVE: THE BLUES – Quinn and Benjamin Cat play some of their favorite blues songs. More uplifting than you’d believe.

5.11.20       EPISODE FOUR: DRINKIN’ – Quinn and Benjamin Cat play you songs about drinking, or are good to drink along with, or both.  Pour yourself an R&H Beer and enjoy.

4.29.20       EPISODE THREE: SCALAWAGS & SCOUNDRELS – Songs about bad guys are awesome.  Quinn and Benjamin Cat play some for you.

4.26.20      EPISODE TWO: LOVE & SEX – Things get steamy as Quinn and Benjamin Cat play songs about love and lovin’!

4.20.20      EPISODE ONE: FEEL GOOD – Quinn and Benjamin Cat begin their broadcast career with songs that raises the spirits.