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Summer Songs: Our DJ List

    Need a new summer playlist? Click the links below and check out our DJ picks for summer music and memories (full Spotify list here).


    Connie Gutierrez (Stairwell Sessions & Beyond with Lucy Euclid)

    Summer Song by Grover Washington

    Summertime and I’m Feelin’ Mellow by MFSB

    Nutmeg (Classical-ish with Nutmeg)

    Violet Stars Happy Hunting by Janelle Monae (featuring the Skunks) “Whenever I get to play an outdoor summer dj gig, I always try to throw this on my playlist. It’s not a hit single but it’s def an a$$ shaker.”

    Film by Aphex Twin “I walk to the beach several mornings a week and was walking down the hill when this track was on, and the ocean came into view. It was the perfect image and music pairing.”

    Gerry Gonzales (The Outerbridge with DJ Kung Pao)

    Everybody Loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers Ubiquity

    Carol Gee (The Soul Spectrum)

    Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang  “Mellow sunrise or sunset – by the end I’m ready to start the day or start the party!”

    Mike Batten (UnWelcome Jazz)

    Sparky’s Dream by Teenage Fanclub  “Captures the happy brevity of summer and is perfect pop.”

    Rudy B (Bi-monthly Distractions)

    All Summer Long- Beach Boys

    Tallahassee Tim (Forbidden Island)

    Love is Like Oxygen by Sweet “Summer of ’78. Winston soft pack in t-shirt pocket, smokin’ and hanging out like a delinquent.”

    Rocio Uchofen (Hibrido Literario)

    L’hymne a l’amour by Cyclope “This might sound a little weird but my summer track is a French song by a group called Cyclope, it’s a rock version of L’hymne a l’amour. Every time I listen to it, my day becomes full of energy. It takes me back to my hometown in the late 80s, we use to listed to French bands those years. Actually Cyclope gave a concert in Lima and I was there with my friends.”

    Kitty the Disc Jockey (The She Pop Show)

    Golden Years by David Bowie “When I was a kid I had to be in bed early- it was summer, the sun was out, and I could hear the teenagers on the corner listening to the radio…this song always brings me back to that.”

    Love Rollercoaster by Ohio Players  “I used to run an extension cord out on the lawn to my clock radio that I pulled from my room- sitting in the sun, waiting for this song.”

    Mulu the Rain Forest by Thomas Dolby “I got my hands on “The Flat Earth” by Thomas Dolby and played this record all summer. It made me take electronic music seriously, and I can still smell the breeze coming in the window in the evening while I listened and soaked up the imagery.”

    Lorenzo Mameli (The Rocker)

    Summertime by Billy Stewart  “I adore Billy Stewart’s version of “Summertime” I’ll be cranking it and trying to control myself in the studio on my next show.”

    Josh Josh (The Kessel Run)

    Swamp Samba by Funkrust Brass Band

    Parad(w/M)e by Sylvan Esso

    Paul Bruno (Looking for an Anthem)

    In the Sun by Blondie

    John Pietaro (Jazz Just After Dark)

    Beach Baby by First Class “Is Beach Baby by First Class too corny?”

    DJ Gary Rosenthal (Hidden Gems)

    Rock of Ages by Def Leppard “Reminds me of driving around Staten Island between junior and senior year at Tottenville HS.”