Our Mission

Maker Park Radio is a Non-Profit Community Streaming Radio Station, broadcasting from the Staten Island Makerspace in the Stapleton neighborhood of Staten Island, New York City. We are supported by our community sponsors and listeners, and are 100% volunteer run.

We are committed to community building through inclusiveness of all music styles, genders, ethnicities, ages, sexual orientation and economic status through a mutual love and respect for music and artistic performance. We stand against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and hatred and violence.

Our Vision

We hope to create an environment where viewers and listeners feel engaged and interested in all we have to offer across multi-genre programming. We intend to give voice to the arts community on Staten Island and create a space for artists to showcase their work. We encourage support of artists across mediums and genres and hope to champion talent and give value to curation and documentation of music and artistic history as well as the art of DJing.

Our programming is free and available to be viewed and listened to through our web site, as well as from our own App (available for Apple products at the App Store and at the Google Play store for Android), or heard through the TuneIn app. This project is funded in part by a NYDCA Encore Grant.

Board Members

Kristin Wallace – EO
Tom Ferrie – Treasurer, Officer
Chris O’Brian – Education, Officer
Dan Mackta – Officer
Karen Kalriess – Fundraising, Secretary, Officer
Scott Van Campen – Officer
Pamela Adamo – Fundraising, Officer
Carol Griffin – Officer


Support your community-building streaming radio station! We are a registered 501c3 Non-Profit and need your help to keep our programming going! We represent the many music, social and ethnic communities, connecting people through amazing music and curated arts-based programming. Our volunteer radio hosts and DJs work very hard to produce amazing shows that reflect all that we are on Staten Island. Your generous and fully tax-deductible gift to Maker Park Radio, Inc. will help support:

  • Free community streaming radio station overhead costs.
  • Streaming radio licenses, insurance and streaming software fees.
  • Community outreach and event hosting.
  • High-School Internship program for communications focused students.
  • Our ability to continue to bring our talent and our voice to all of Staten Island and beyond!

There are three ways to do this:

  • DONATE! Make a donation via the Donate button! Any amount helps, and we will send you a receipt for your donation to our Non-Profit.
  • SPONSORSHIP! Your logo will be displayed on our home page and your banner will be welcomed at any of our events! Rates listed on the flyer below.
  • DONATE GOODS & SERVICES! Please contact Kristin at MakerParkRadio@gmail.com for any donations you would like to offer to help us with our fundraisers.