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Composite Beast

Composite Beast is a sound collage and comedy variety show with Chris O’Brien. O’Brien is a writer, comedian, and multimedia artist fascinated with the weird, psychedelic, dystopia that we’re all walking around in. You can find Chris bombing at stand-up spots such as Broadway Comedy Club, Gotham, and at the ferry terminal where he is often talking to pigeons. He runs a monthly live variety show at Historic Richmondtown called ‘Ghost Tales’ and a monthly show at the PIT called ‘Chris and Mike’s Big Adventure.’ He is the creator of ‘Richmond County Field Recording Society’ a sketch/audio mashup about Staten Island History.

Alt CountryAudio CollagePsychedelic

Composite Beast – 05/16/23
Audio CollagePsychedelic

Composite Beast – 04/25/23
Audio CollagePsychedelic

Composite Beast – 03/14/23
Audio CollagePsychedelic