Electrosteam w/ Ed Ka

Ed Kabatsky, aka EDKA, Staten Islander since 2009, has been involved in electronic dance music as a producer since the early 90’s when rave culture was just beginning in New York. Inspired, he began experimenting with analog synths, drum-machines, sequencers, samplers and turntables. While mainly focusing on studio work, from time to time he has been involved as an organizer, performer or promoter in numerous rave events all around New York. Originally born in Moscow, Russia, the music culture that he grew up with fostered his aspiration to be part of New York’s Russian music underground community and participated in many events and music festivals. During his later endeavors, Ed was focused on mixing experimental electronic music with acoustic instruments to create a downtempo, chillout atmosphere with elements of an ethnic mood. At MakerPark Radio he will present mixtures of harmonic vibration to stimulate and relax your mind.