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Nowhere Fast w/ Tom F.

Blasting through time and space is the grit of the red-lined vocal, the bleeding mic and guitar feedback. Holding pace from 1953 until 2023 are sounds that feel good and sounds that feel bad. Singers whose Tom F. is a lifelong music fan and record collector. His passion for music is sincere and it shows through his wide variety of genres that appear on his semimonthly show. Rockabilly, Reggae, Punk and Indie music will all be represented with the odd jazz track or soul record popping up to say hello every now and again. Unfortunately due to Tom’s whacky job schedule the show date can sometimes be erratic…but look for this show to usually pop up on Mondays at noon or Thursdays at Noon. Singers whose voices hold the urgency of the moment so tightly in their grip that you can’t walk away. Hold on to that thought, we are going Nowhere Fast.