Sonic Flow w/ Udachi

Greg Pesochin, aka Udachi, is a New York-based, electronic music producer whose visionary work fuses a wide-screen psychedelic approach, informed by Pink Floyd, to the dirty, low-end hum of what writer Simon Reynolds calls the post-hardcore continuum. His sound is the result of a journey as a person and DJ, from his place of birth in Ukraine in 1981, as a skater kid in the ’90s listening to metal and hardcore through to the early 2000s when his ears were informed by the Staten Island roller rinks, with their disco and freestyle soundtrack, and the dance floors of New York bacchanals like The Tunnel, which were driven by heady blends of high velocity rave music and dark, driving progressive house. While in college, during the same period, Greg spent four years hosting and djing on a weekly dance music radio show that featured guests such as drum n bass and bass music legend Reid Speed and leading-edge producer and remixer, Omar Santana. In 2002 he began producing his own music and by 2005 he had connected with fellow producer AC Slater, who introduced him to a wide array of electronic music genres, including house, dubstep, bass, breaks, drum n bass and classic rave music. The music of contemporary artists like Boxcutter, Drop The Lime and Benga really made an impression on Greg. 2007 saw him creating the name Udachi for his music project, which has crafted some remarkable original productions and remixes. Greg’s discography includes releases for NY’s Trouble & Bass, remixes for Audio Bullys, AC Slater, Rico Tubbs, M83 and a remix of The Whip by Foxsky on Diplo’s Mad Decent label. His own productions such as Smoke Rings with a vocalist Jess Jubillee, and P-Funk Skank charted extremely well and were enthusiastically received by fans and other artists alike.