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The Kessel Run w/ JoshJoshJosh

It’s the Kessel Run’s US debut! Tune in for New Orleans music through the ages, post-war pop from Japan, Balkan and HONK! brass bands, world rap, formative punk and post-punk, traditional jazz, 50’s-60’s R&B, folk music from damn everywhere, modern alterna-pop, ye olde rock, and who knows what else — it’s new and familiar music from around the whole wide world, for you! You’ll typically find songs in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese, plus talk segments in English and Japanese, and special guest interviews with musicians, social activists, or healers. Live on Tuesday nights from 10-12 on with DJ JoshJoshJosh. Let’s get it! The Kessel Run got its start on FM Radio Bari Bari in Imabari City, Japan, where it ran for three years.